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What does NYMGG mean?
"你有無見過?" pronounced "Nei Yao Mo Geen Gor?" in Cantonese; loosely translates to "Have you seen this before? It was highly inspired by a comedic podcast I watched on my iPod touch back in the day called 香港。300(Hong Kong dot 300) here's a snippet

And you...?

  • Professional procrastinator by nature
  • Blogging since 2005 on various other platforms...
  • Camera's used are a Lumix GF2 & iPhone 4s
  • 22 :-( These years are just passing me by!
  • Flickr, there's nothing on there... don't bother
  • Enjoy reading up on the History of China a little too much
  • Love Skiing
  • Uses too many ellipsis... and narrates self... a lot (there's that ellipsis thing again) and the narration...!
  • Dreamt about having an entire house covered in Hello Kitty decor on more than one occasion