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Friday, 17 January 2014

PCYO 30th Anniversary - A Tribute To Mr. Li

The Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra of Liverpool celebrated their 30th Birthday this past Summer (July 2013)
My fellow Pagodees and I performing at St. George's Hall in 2008

I woke up really early and didn't really have any food at home so a train lunch it had to be!
With esteemed guests, they were welcomed to celebrate with us three decades of Mr. Li's world-renowned orchestra...
Lord Mayor Gary Millar(who was previously the Councillor for the Chinatown ward) spoke about the late Mr. Li so gracefully; reminding us of his contagious and gigantic smile

The youth orchestra

Deputy Consul General Chen Jie of the PRC
We have always had great support from the Chinese consulate, and thank many of the the present members and their predecessors

Arts Council - Sally Whittle

A short film commissioned by the BBC Performing Arts Fund, dedicated to our late conductor.
Seeing him again, moving, talking brought a tear to my eye, but I held it together!!

Performance by the new Pagodees!

Reflection from our Antony, who is now a Doctor Au(ch)! (ooooOOoOOoooHhhhh)

Councillor Hazel Williams spoke fondly of Mr. Li

Uber cute kid whom I wanted to steal; clinging onto the Doc back at the Centre

Poor photo, but the PCYO Birthday cake, made By Pagoda's own apprentice, Kelly Su.
It was so great to see some of my old fellow Pagodees, PCYO allowed me to make many great friendships and gave me the ability to learn something that I never would have dreamed of, although at times we thought it was like being back in school Monday to Sunday, at the end of the day it's what brought us together, even with Mr. Li sick he was always present at all our practices and performances, we never even really knew that he was ill, so his passing came as a great shock and sadness to us all. For all this, we give great thanks to Mr. Li for all his hard work and determination.
I knew Mr. Li professionally; as our Conductor, and personally; he was just like family; may he rest in peace.

In lighter news, Mrs Li(Mei Xia Li) will be receiving an MBE this year for services to the Chinese community and community cohesion in Liverpool!
PCYO will continue with the ever talented ZiLan Liao as guidance.


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