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Monday, 2 September 2013

MOAR cute wedding favours ♥

Dearest Mother went to another wedding banquet a few weeks ago, meaning I filled in at work for her 
She came home bearing "gifts"

Chinese word "囍" composed of 2 x 喜 creating the meaning double happiness 

Cardboard box with double shaped handles, enclosed in customized felt

Bride and Groom's names and their wedding date 
Opens up at the side to reveal contents

Or open up the entire package, Ferrero Rocher, I believe a lot of couples choose this for it's aesthetic gold colour, which is probably lucky, 2x 利是糖(strawberry flvr hard sweets aka Lucky Candy, in a wrapper that resembles red pockets) and two unidentified silver heart-shaped sweets (possibly)

So, after work... I forgot to take this home with me :( the next time I returned it was gone, my brother probably scoffed it!

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