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Thursday, 1 August 2013

NYMGG in London 2013!

We booked a couple of train tickets to voyage into the capital city a few weeks ago (we tried to book them in advance to get a good price, I used Best Fare Finder by thetrainline) It was a blazing 30°C on the day we left for the South; the weather was much more humid than up north, and a few degrees hotter, with us having to drag our luggage from Euston into Zone 2, it's safe to say I did not choose a good route for us, we ended up walking most of the way 
Our first encounter of a LOVE sculpture  (on the corner of bishopgate and wormwood) 

Day 1: Painfully mediocre(not even) "photography" of some free samples at Häagen Dasz (Leicester Sq)

Our noob ordering! I really thought they would have Green Tea flvr   at least they had Mango Sorbet to cool us down 

Such a fobby photo, we love the Pokka tea's but up north we don't have such an "extensive" selection, if my Dad could see this right now, he would be shaking his head and saying it's made from artificial flavours

an unscheduled stop into M&M's World (@Leicester Sq)
(really we just came in for the aircon)

Poor orange M&M getting his balls grabbed by the boyf

Day 2: Granny T made us ramen for breakfast/ lunch, how cute! actually I think we both haven't had spam and egg ramen in a long time, it was deeeeeeelicious! 

Ofcourse Selfridges would have a gold-plated iPhone 5 costing nearly £3k 

NYMGG: Charging stations for smartphones in Selfridges on the Men's casual wear floor! We've never seen this in our Selfridges, at first we considered it to be coin-operated but it's free! super awesome

Day 3: A long tube journey
So we got a bus to the closest Central line tube station, stepped on and not a minute later, we stopped between the boarding station and the next stop, I thought it was just a regular stop to wait for another tube to pass by or something, but then there was an announcement by the driver that the signalling was faulty at the approaching station, so we waited for further information and over the Tannoy we eventually heard we would have to turn the train around and go back to Bethnal Green, it had been nearly 10 minutes at that point, to which the driver had to switch sides and walk through all the carriages, once he got to the other end, there was another wait to confirm the movement, but then over the Tannoy again came the announcement, "actually, we're clear to carry on west to Liverpool Street..." so he had to walk back to the front of the train, this was in total about 15-20 minutes, even though it was insanely hot, (it must have been 40 degrees in that carriage) I saw that a lot of the passengers found it amusing, and were probably sympathetic for the driver, the journey carried on as usual, but we did have to stay on that train for a further 25 minutes to Shepherds Bush

Hawksmoor Seven Dials "Best Steaks in London" couldn't not book this for the boyf !
Great service - wouldn't expect any less (12.5% SC - although it is optional) even thought it was really busy, so I do recommend booking a table 
lastly... the Beef Dripping Fries are a MUST.

Barclays cycle hires! I didn't think there would be so many bikes around London, but there are... and not all but a lot of them are complete and utter twats, traffic lights apparently do not apply to them.

Leaving day! We had to get up at the break of dawn and get the first train, I started to panic a little because our train from was at 6:17am and it was nearing 5:30am at BR and there was still no sign of our tube...

Managed to squeeze a trip into Ladurée, I'm generally not an enormous fan of Macarons or sweets for that matter, but my brother wanted to try them, so we got a box to share (yes we cheaaaap, these puppies are £1.70 each) we bought them the night before we left, and I had no idea you are supposed to refrigerate them, they were totally crushed from being in my backpack and also melted a bit (which is why this photo is at a poor excuse of an angle)

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