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Friday, 2 August 2013

Green Tea Cupcakes

My housemates are the bakers in the household, where on the other hand I am absolutely no good in the kitchen, a disgrace to my Father, I am sure! One of my housemates was baking a few cupcakes  for her colleagues on her day off and told us(boyf included) to try out this particular recipe from a baking book she was gifted.
I thought we were just helping her bake, but she left us and took a different batch~

The recipe is relatively simple (click to englarge) the only ingredients you will need for this that you may not have in your pantry is Green Tea Powder, it isn't readily available everywhere, we bought ours in London... I'm not too sure where you can find it up in Manchester, but you can always try Asian supermarkets, or possibly online (with caution)

I was left in charge of the buttercream icing, and it was so messy, the recipe called for 500g of the stuff, that's an entire box!
My flatmate said it was too sweet, but hey... I just followed the recipe, from HER book 
 and actually a lot of it went into the air and on the table/ chair/ floor   (they're meant to be sweet though, right?)

Here's our finished product on a makeshift cooling rack  (grill tray from the oven) 
from this recipe we managed to make 22 using small cupcake cases, I was almost afraid we wouldn't have enough icing for them all because the recipe is only supposed to make 12, but it was fine, although we couldn't make them look half as pretty as any out in the real world, it was good enough and not as difficult as I had imagine it to be 
In conclusion; my first attempt at baking cupcakes = successful! 
and very messy...

Special thanks to our Hitachi electric mixer 

Here's the NYMGG, my phone managed to recognize faces on these cupcakes, can any of you see them? I think the third one might possibly resemble squidward haha 

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