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Friday, 2 August 2013

Green Tea Cupcakes

My housemates are the bakers in the household, where on the other hand I am absolutely no good in the kitchen, a disgrace to my Father, I am sure! One of my housemates was baking a few cupcakes  for her colleagues on her day off and told us(boyf included) to try out this particular recipe from a baking book she was gifted.
I thought we were just helping her bake, but she left us and took a different batch~

Thursday, 1 August 2013

NYMGG in London 2013!

We booked a couple of train tickets to voyage into the capital city a few weeks ago (we tried to book them in advance to get a good price, I used Best Fare Finder by thetrainline) It was a blazing 30°C on the day we left for the South; the weather was much more humid than up north, and a few degrees hotter, with us having to drag our luggage from Euston into Zone 2, it's safe to say I did not choose a good route for us, we ended up walking most of the way 
Our first encounter of a LOVE sculpture  (on the corner of bishopgate and wormwood)