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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

it's HOT!

This post feels like those teens on  shows that go on dates and after a few one-word answers and awkward silences, start to look around the room, eventually resorting to the subject of weather, but it's daaaang hot and ima tellllll you dammit !!

I'm no weather reporter, but I'm sure the hottest day of the year was probably the Sunday just past (7th July) we had friends over that day and needless to say we were melting, could have done with a bit of A/C ! I went and bought a fan yesterday (a day too late if I don't say so myself!) but opted to be green today and leave it off because the previous day I was alllll about this... 
1. Sun glaring into our apartment at 27 degrees centigrade!! 
2. Had to squeeze plastic bags under window to keep it from slamming shut
 (Extra reinforcement) by propping open with a balloon stick
4. IKEA EXPEDIT storage perfect height to place laptop and pull up a dining chair (so don't have to sit on sofa: see 7)
5. Convenient empty space to put feet up while perusing internetz

6. Unhlepful dark brown blinds attracting more heat
7. Unhelpful dark brown fabric sofa's 
Hiding behind the sofa and blinds is a balconette ,although it may bring in cool air, we don't want to chance a stampede of moths, bees,  and green flies into the apartment 
heh... stay hydrated