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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Summer food DERISHISHNISSHHHH: The sweet stuff

Let's start off with a little nymgg.. because seriously nao...

another fine Finnair lunch... god awful excuse for a sandwich...  
(shakey iPhone picture )

This place is totally hyped up so I sheeped... le pain grilllllee at IFC, Central

Smoked Salmon panini<I think...?> and an iced caffe au lait  as Ned Flanders would say... scrum-diddly-umptious!


Pina Colada @Deck 'n' Beer TST || Iced Red Bean+Green Tea@Tsui Wah Central
with my friend Tiknam's giant Hoegaarden || that woman totally eyeing up my drink in the peripheral

Taro Gong Cha  || Cheap sushi  @YATA

Gijanormous box of Longan //China

Pre-cut  in a super market  HAO LAZY??! PLS!!

Brownie and  with a caramelized glass //Sweety Garden HK

Red bean  ()  //Din Tai Fung <Causeway Bay Branch>

Soft matcha sweets 

Banana style ice cream... the "skin" is  flvr jelly 

Birthday keeekii 20th 
Birthday Butt Buns! my uncle's 50th 


there seems to be a lot of red bean in these food pics huh...
Green tea biscuits with a  dip

Super delicious crispy walnut raisin loaf 


The REAL iced milk tea Orz none of that diluted ish... genius

 Decorative sugar garnishing

We thought it was just random twists but this one looks like a mexican dancer haha

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