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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

NYMGG: Long overdue holiday post! China Part I of IV

I have no excuse! 
...Maybe just a little one...
Since my return last summer, all there was to life was revision, apartment viewing, hoarding cleaning supplies, packing up my life and then unpacking my life, then finally 2 weeks of DIY furniture.

After perusing at IKEA every weekend for about 3 months, I have acquired a large bag of all possible sized allen keys, my home is completely flatpackable!! 

Moving on, we took a little holiday in a holiday (holidayception!) to Northern China, into the Shandong area, here's some fun things to look at...
SaengSeon Hoe Rice at Baekdu! my last meal before leaving T_T
Complimentary snack box on our short flight to Finland, usually these things come with random crap, but was so pleased with the selection this time round  

These guys are commendable, wearing all this in 36°C heat... they're kind of like those statues that stand around in the streets waiting for you to come and take pictures with them, my brother took 5 shots with them (all obviously pre-configured) and then demanded I think it was 50CNY... not bad haha

would it be China... without a public typo? (dbl click for Gijantic imaaaaj)

Graffiti in China... cute!

Grilled starfish for sale in the streets of Qingdao...

It's very popular in China to have all your dinnerware to be vacuum packed prior to eating to ensure cleanliness, but we all know you still gotta clean it with that teapot water!

This guys job was to pour tea from a metre long spout, his aim was perfect each time... amazeballs

This rock totally resembled monkey king (Sun Wukong) wtf

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