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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

NYMGG: China Part III of Quatre!

Not sure if tour guide is flipping us the bird... or giving a fobby peace sign... *not sure fry*

A salon called AIYA... how lol! I don't think I would trust the beauticians or hairdressers at this place 

Giganormous designer stores in DaLian... would loved to have been able to go inside and drool

I know I know... the pic is all blurry and shiz, but I have never seen steam come from a grid in the ground, totally NYCesque

Tried to FB and twitter on the computer supplied in my hotel room but this popped up 

Ooohh! some juice a bob please

Dude I totally want whatever this is...

Possibly one of the stranger things I've seen, it's pretty much a pirate ship in the middle of a carriageway and there was a car park to the side of the road, sort of like those rest stops/service stations, anyway this was one where you could park up and take a picture, completely random, it was literally in the central reservation of a motorway... 

Loveheart locks!  In China's rip off of Ocean Park.. also called Ocean Park or Tiger beach (Laohutan)
but I did not see any tigers... at all
My uncle rented this lazy person 2 seater cart, don't be fooled... this is not for the disabled it's simply for the lazy, and it's hella fast! 

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