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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

NYMGG: The finale, IV of IV ni you kan guo ma? China vers.

Normal nesting dolls right, RIGHT

WRONG!! Saddam Hussein nesting shells LOL wtf wtf wtf 

Ofcourse before leaving our holiday, my aunties wanted to look at some sea cucumbers, cajjj

Apparently being a delicacy, these little buggers hold quite a pricetag, I tried it and it was a little chewy for my liking I had the tiniest bite, they literally made me feel queasy hahahaha

Walmart China sells terrapins! like what... these guys have everything... 

They also sell dried... whatever this is (Sting ray?)

We were buying some extra suitcases in Walmart... and then decided to use them as shopping trolleys

This durian was in a regular sized trolley... I swear the soil must have had steroids where this was grown

Scoop your own rice!

My cousins took us to a student fair in the town centre, and some of them just had wtf names... so fobby

Specialmint flvr gum Σ(・□・;)

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