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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

NYMGG: China - Part II of IV

This is coming in a few parts because the images are too high a resolution to put in one long post, it's not impossible, but this old fella can't be doing with the lag

After we had dinner in a stage-like area, we saw this happening... we're sheep so we crowded the table 

This old dude... was making various animals out of melted sugar! No stencils, just pure art!

He told us he whisked it (like a mad man; I watched) to guarantee glossiness 
Adding refined details 

My cousin Vanessa's horse!

My brother, Kevin's sssssssnake

My dad decided to "test" him by choosing the most intricate design on the list 

So this is a POLAR BEAR... that was born and raised in China, wut wuuuuut??!?
Of all the places I expected to see a polar bear, lemme tell you... China was not one of them, especially with it being 30 degrees that day... 

First time seeing penguins IRL

This employee's hat... nuff said.

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