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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

"Nature of Need" first hand experience!

Pretty much the first chance I got to go out after I landed was to Galerie Perrotin(HK), the exhibition was due to close the very next day so I headed down to make sure I got to see it before it up and left
...and I wasn't disappointed 
Running Chum and a Single canvas hiding behind a pillar in the wall...

Companion's severed forearms

Wish I could have took this piece home with me! 

Three circular canvases, each with it's own motif... each a different sense, kaws style.

All in all, such a cool exhibition, was so pleased to be able to see this in person, for me it was truly one of those cheesy "once in a lifetime" things, so being in 50 Connaught and to anybody else who went... HOW FAST was that elevator! my ears popped from going up, it was surreal standing right in front of the works

We sneakily opened up some of the drawers and found some Murakami! but were quickly asked to close them and not take pictures... heh heh too late unvigiliant gallery lady ...too late

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