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Sunday, 28 April 2013

dat fud. @asia.

You've seen the sweet, now here's sour...
Fish & beef balls in a sour + spicy broth //Tam's yunnan rice noodles MK
har har...

Spicy wood ear "fungus" //Tam's MK

Spicy thousand year old egg slices //also... Tam's MK

Crab pâté wraps //天順魚港, DaLian CN

Seafood balls  dammit why do my aunties hands keep scooping into the photo!! //天順魚港, DaLian CN

Escargot  //天順魚港, DaLian CN

Crab "meat loaf" one for each table... that's a crapload of crabloaf come on guys.. laugh dammit

This was in China McD's... back before UK got this  I guess it's not as cool nao, still a rip off of colonel's popcorn chicken though

Korean BBQ for my 20th birthday //CN

Shanghainese fuuuud //Wang Jia Sha, Tai Koo

Zhenjiang style "crystal" pork //Wang Jia Sha, Tai Koo

This was my favourite dish that night, it's called 鍋巴蝦仁, actually it's a Taiwanese dish, for more details of this particular dish  here //Wang Jia Sha, Tai Koo

One of my Dad's favourite places; you can see him scoffing down in the top left corner //Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao <Sha Tin Branch> Crazy ass wait for this place every night, have to get a ticket and it's always at least fortyfive... minutes... 

Hotpot!! //Calf Bone King TST

Eel omurice //Pancake colours CWB

腥... awful
Pancake colours had a hollister thing going on, or maybe they forgot to pay their leccy bill; either way it was damn dark in there.

I know this looks nasty as hell, sometime it's what on the inside that counts, and what's on the inside was ****ing tasty as **** //Wai Kee Noodle Cafe SSP
This cafe is super famous for their pig's liver, had to wait about 15 minutes in the humidity in order to get a seat with my Auntie

Vietnamese pork chop  //Herbs, Golden Mansion TST


Egg & Spam sandwiches  yeah I ate one first and then  //Tai Hing, New Mandarin Plaza TST

Bun Thit Nuong, was craving this so badly!! luckily they had Vietnamese food at the food republic, also got feng jiao free!! nomnomnom, Citygate outlets Tung Chung

LOL my "worktime" lunch... Sashimi rice, cherry tomatoes and Gong Cha!!
Just now wondering... how everyone in HK doesn't have diabetes, super sugary milk and lemon tea everywhere and super cheap GONG CHA everywhere  so many delicious foods, why you guys not fat!!! dammiiiiiiiiiit

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