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Sunday, 28 April 2013

dat fud. @asia.

You've seen the sweet, now here's sour...
Fish & beef balls in a sour + spicy broth //Tam's yunnan rice noodles MK
har har...

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Summer food DERISHISHNISSHHHH: The sweet stuff

Let's start off with a little nymgg.. because seriously nao...

another fine Finnair lunch... god awful excuse for a sandwich...  
(shakey iPhone picture )

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

"Nature of Need" first hand experience!

Pretty much the first chance I got to go out after I landed was to Galerie Perrotin(HK), the exhibition was due to close the very next day so I headed down to make sure I got to see it before it up and left

NYMGG: The finale, IV of IV ni you kan guo ma? China vers.

Normal nesting dolls right, RIGHT

NYMGG: China Part III of Quatre!

Not sure if tour guide is flipping us the bird... or giving a fobby peace sign... *not sure fry*

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

NYMGG: China - Part II of IV

This is coming in a few parts because the images are too high a resolution to put in one long post, it's not impossible, but this old fella can't be doing with the lag

After we had dinner in a stage-like area, we saw this happening... we're sheep so we crowded the table 

NYMGG: Long overdue holiday post! China Part I of IV

I have no excuse! 
...Maybe just a little one...
Since my return last summer, all there was to life was revision, apartment viewing, hoarding cleaning supplies, packing up my life and then unpacking my life, then finally 2 weeks of DIY furniture.

After perusing at IKEA every weekend for about 3 months, I have acquired a large bag of all possible sized allen keys, my home is completely flatpackable!! 

Moving on, we took a little holiday in a holiday (holidayception!) to Northern China, into the Shandong area, here's some fun things to look at...