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Monday, 2 September 2013

MOAR cute wedding favours ♥

Dearest Mother went to another wedding banquet a few weeks ago, meaning I filled in at work for her 
She came home bearing "gifts"

Friday, 2 August 2013

Green Tea Cupcakes

My housemates are the bakers in the household, where on the other hand I am absolutely no good in the kitchen, a disgrace to my Father, I am sure! One of my housemates was baking a few cupcakes  for her colleagues on her day off and told us(boyf included) to try out this particular recipe from a baking book she was gifted.
I thought we were just helping her bake, but she left us and took a different batch~

Thursday, 1 August 2013

NYMGG in London 2013!

We booked a couple of train tickets to voyage into the capital city a few weeks ago (we tried to book them in advance to get a good price, I used Best Fare Finder by thetrainline) It was a blazing 30°C on the day we left for the South; the weather was much more humid than up north, and a few degrees hotter, with us having to drag our luggage from Euston into Zone 2, it's safe to say I did not choose a good route for us, we ended up walking most of the way 
Our first encounter of a LOVE sculpture  (on the corner of bishopgate and wormwood) 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

it's HOT!

This post feels like those teens on  shows that go on dates and after a few one-word answers and awkward silences, start to look around the room, eventually resorting to the subject of weather, but it's daaaang hot and ima tellllll you dammit !!

I'm no weather reporter, but I'm sure the hottest day of the year was probably the Sunday just past (7th July) we had friends over that day and needless to say we were melting, could have done with a bit of A/C ! I went and bought a fan yesterday (a day too late if I don't say so myself!) but opted to be green today and leave it off because the previous day I was alllll about this... 
1. Sun glaring into our apartment at 27 degrees centigrade!! 
2. Had to squeeze plastic bags under window to keep it from slamming shut
 (Extra reinforcement) by propping open with a balloon stick
4. IKEA EXPEDIT storage perfect height to place laptop and pull up a dining chair (so don't have to sit on sofa: see 7)
5. Convenient empty space to put feet up while perusing internetz

6. Unhlepful dark brown blinds attracting more heat
7. Unhelpful dark brown fabric sofa's 
Hiding behind the sofa and blinds is a balconette ,although it may bring in cool air, we don't want to chance a stampede of moths, bees,  and green flies into the apartment 
heh... stay hydrated 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

dat fud. @asia.

You've seen the sweet, now here's sour...
Fish & beef balls in a sour + spicy broth //Tam's yunnan rice noodles MK
har har...

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Summer food DERISHISHNISSHHHH: The sweet stuff

Let's start off with a little nymgg.. because seriously nao...

another fine Finnair lunch... god awful excuse for a sandwich...  
(shakey iPhone picture )

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

"Nature of Need" first hand experience!

Pretty much the first chance I got to go out after I landed was to Galerie Perrotin(HK), the exhibition was due to close the very next day so I headed down to make sure I got to see it before it up and left

NYMGG: The finale, IV of IV ni you kan guo ma? China vers.

Normal nesting dolls right, RIGHT

NYMGG: China Part III of Quatre!

Not sure if tour guide is flipping us the bird... or giving a fobby peace sign... *not sure fry*

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

NYMGG: China - Part II of IV

This is coming in a few parts because the images are too high a resolution to put in one long post, it's not impossible, but this old fella can't be doing with the lag

After we had dinner in a stage-like area, we saw this happening... we're sheep so we crowded the table 

NYMGG: Long overdue holiday post! China Part I of IV

I have no excuse! 
...Maybe just a little one...
Since my return last summer, all there was to life was revision, apartment viewing, hoarding cleaning supplies, packing up my life and then unpacking my life, then finally 2 weeks of DIY furniture.

After perusing at IKEA every weekend for about 3 months, I have acquired a large bag of all possible sized allen keys, my home is completely flatpackable!! 

Moving on, we took a little holiday in a holiday (holidayception!) to Northern China, into the Shandong area, here's some fun things to look at...