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Friday, 23 November 2012

No title, just nonsensical nonsense. yes, I just wrote that.

So here's what's been going down during my time away...

After I found my external stashed underneath a pile of luggage from the summer, I stuck it in and started on some file transferring, then it broke, it failed, it died, sought out help from friends and retailers, to no avail, that shit was done, googled for a reputable data recovery company, sent it out on Monday, got it back on Friday and £234 out of pocket (that's £195+TAX) reasonable considering people left, right and center telling me it was gonna put a hole in my pretty purse the size of £1k.

Yesterday I went apartment viewing with my parents and Thuy, our usual agent was out with a broken ankle so we had a stand in, needless to say he was a little hissy but I can only put that up to the wind being criminal.

Earlier in the month, I had been on cliffedge eyeing stuff up, even though we all know CE is jacked up as hell but clearly someone has a shopping problem, my path of thought was *yeah might as well get more, volume discount, right??* NO. Package came in on Monday with a £102 payable fee that counted for Customs duty, Import VAT and the standard £13.50 Clearance total, the package itself was around the £240 mark already so you can only imagine the kind of fire that was in my eyes

Still waiting on another 2 items from Cliff that are currently in HMRC clearing, no doubt they will also levy some amount of *fingers rubbing*

Thanksgiving has come and gone for those in America, as the years have gone by, their Black Friday sales have carried themselves all the way across the Atlantic onto wet English shores, who can resist? I only placed one Black Friday order with Stussy eu at 25% off, the rest went onto BAPE and their UNDFTD Collab Pt2 2/2, now after spending X amount and X amount and X amount and probably more X amount of incoming customs and duties, I can conclude it's time to give a little restraint, no more copping on new stuff until CNY 2013.

Look don't touch, let's see how it holds up. 

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