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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

BAPE x Medicom x Andy Warhol

Spring/Summer 2012 welcomes another new collaboration for A Bathing Ape.
The banana holds a close thread to Nigo and his worldwide brand, through the Gorilla faced insignia on many of his fashion items.

Have you seen Larger than Lifestyle?

Nigo has close to 100 of these things casually piled up in his basement

Peel back the iconic banana skin to reveal a camo plush pillow.

Available in:
SMALL 30" / 76cm - est. £80*
MEDIUM 36" / 90cm - est. £110*
LARGE 48" / 120cm - est. £160*
each size can be bought in Green, Blue or Pink camo

*Prices aren't official, loosely based on the JPY equivalent.

Will be available in selected stores and online

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